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iM solved the next generation of data centers: pre-assembled building block facilities, expandable as needed, with superior functionality than traditionally-built facilities. iM’s standalone, fully-integrated, self-contained, factory-built, plug-and-play modular data centers exhibit intelligence and options for scalability not available until now.

iM’s core offerings are:

  • side-by-side, connected blocks with open, contiguous, user-friendly data center areas, powered and supported by ‘Core Blocks’ configured to fit adjacent and connected to ‘Data Blocks’ that each house twenty-five deep IT racks
  • compact self-contained data centers containing five to twenty server racks within a single block
  • complex, sprawling modular assemblies for hundreds of racks
  • In-house design/build services for data center deployment and related site improvements

iM’s patent pending innovations include our unique cooling and airflow applications, removable panel systems to enable seamless data center expandability and other features. Our ability to be a one-stop shop for data center creation by providing development and site services is based on an extensive, 30-year track record as general contractors and developers.


  • complete, fully-integrated, self-contained, plug & play, standalone data centers
  • high-tier, user-friendly enterprise-class functionality
  • space-age finishes, high-level design architecture & user-friendly functionality
  • shipped as fully-assembled modules with minimal site work required
  • suitable for all climates & geographical conditions & Category-5 Hurricane compliant
  • low cost of entry & incremental capex model, add blocks with no operational downtime
  • contiguous electrical & support blocks customized to requirement
  • standardized IT power densities to 15KW per rack with N, N+1 & 2N options
  • PUE’s available below 1.2 with responsive cooling technologies
  • manufactured & factory-commissioned in the US
  • server & transport technology-equipment ‘agnostic’
  • extensive remote monitoring / controllability
  • concurrently expandable, available in multi-floor configurations

the need for
speed & precise
scalability … at
a better price

iM’s tightly-controlled containment and airflow architecture reduces operating costs in a way that is simply not possible in the wide-open space of traditional datacenters. Brick-and-mortar data centers take a long time to design and build, and don’t make good financial sense unless purpose-built for large scale, well-known capabilities.

So, why hibernate capital building more than is needed, given the high cost to create data centers? Why not quickly and seamlessly expand by adding blocks as needed to adjust to shifting IT requirements and tailored exactly to the business at hand, especially given iM’s that price points on a per rack and per KW basis are less than for bricks & mortar facilities?

performance &

at a better price

The tightly-controlled environments enabled by iM’s factory-built approach, with total cold and hot aisle containment technology & other efficiencies, enable PUEs that are simply not possible in the wide-open spaces of traditional data centers.   And why build more than needed at the time?   Why not quickly and seamlessly add pods as required, tailored exactly to the business need at hand, especially when iM’s modular data centers cost less than bricks and mortar facilities on both a per rack & per KW basis?

iM also builds and operates modular data centers as colocation facilities for Clients that want a complete Edge IT outsource solution.


iM tailors solutions to accommodate up to 15KW of IT load per rack, with our standard large facilities configured with ‘Data Blocks’ that house twenty-five 48” deep server racks, supported by ‘Core Blocks’ with secure entry, power and other support systems. iM Blocks are expandable side-by-side to create modular buildings with open, contiguous, user-friendly datacenter space.

As a large, primary data center, disaster recovery or Edge facility, iM’s approach enables compliance, reduces operating expense & expands market opportunities.

iM provides turnkey solutions for factory-built, pre-fabricated, standalone, modular data centers … on demand, wherever and whenever required … scalable from five to thousands of racks.

iM also offers the related services needed for end-to-end project delivery, including site selection, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning on a flexible basis.

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