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“Today millions of devices, sensors, systems and applications create a constant flow of data connected by the internet.  Mobile devices are ubiquitous, Cloud has revolutionized data centers, the Internet of Things is coming of age and human interaction increasingly moves online as big data continues to explode.  As this speed of change accelerates, data has become the new currency and time the most valuable commodity.

Right now, iM Data Centers is ahead of the curve, fully addressing five concurrent tectonic shifts in technology.  First is the screaming need to address climate change with more sustainable and energy efficient approaches to create and operate data centers, second is the movement of big data to the Edge, to satisfy an insatiable demand for instantly accessible, de-centralized platforms to store, analyze and transmit massive amounts of data with increasing sophistication. The third is the accelerating trend for businesses and organizations to outsource IT on a subscription-based ‘OPEX’ model.  Fourth is the emergence of a more intelligent factory-built, modular approach to creating buildings, and the fifth is a burgeoning need for High Performance Computing platforms.”

Michael Roark, CEO