Proven… The Way We Are

iM provides a turn-key approach, ideal for single point accountability that can be relied upon long after the facilities are up, the servers are processing data and switches are handling traffic

Factory-built enlightened modularity   |   Scalable high performance data centers for plug-and-play IT ecosystems

HPC & Supercomputer Facilities
Micro-Edge Interconnection
Strategic Cloud Deployments
Data Ingestion Stations
Alternate Enterprise Platforms
Subsea Landing | Colocation Stations
Special Use Deployments
Smart City Centers
Data Center Expansions


  • Deploy within months
  • Tailored per requirement
  • Concurrently expandable (zero downtime)
  • Remote client-interface tools
  • Custom power & high-Tier topologies
  • Lowest PUE’s
  • IT equipment agnostic
  • On-site renewables / micro grid interface
  • High R-factor / total weather lock
  • Category-5 hurricane compliant
  • Expand as needed / zero hibernating capital
  • Green materials / predictable quality
  • Remote controllability / integrated monitoring

Turnkey Project Delivery


  • Project & facility financing available with lease-back options


  • Conceptual & schematic design
  • Architectural & engineering services
  • Systems reliability analysis
  • Jurisdictional approvals & permitting
  • Early lead-time item procurement


  • Site feasibility, survey, audit & selection
  • Strategic IT system & network planning
  • Power, cooling & security analysis
  • Migration & relocation planning
  • Fiber & connectivity solving


  • Planning & zoning approvals
  • Value & pre-engineering
  • Concept development & budget analysis
  • Fee-based real estate development
  • Due diligence & related acquisition services
  • A la carte site improvements


  • Design/build
  • Prime/general contracting
  • Construction management
  • Fast-track construction
  • Quantity survey / cost plus
  • Aggressive project scheduling & delivery

Deep Experience

Our nuts-and-bolts construction background and state-of-the-art engineering savvy is a hard combination to find, and we put our knowledge acquired from years in the field to work in the creation and improvement of data center facilities. Since the 1990’s, iM recognized the unprecedented real estate needs of the telecommunications industry and was a pioneer in the creation of multi-tenant technology centers. The success of these projects refined our education and assured our complete understanding of the unique real estate needs of data centers and how to both build them cost-effectively and operate with maximum uptime.

We make an excellent partner.