Planning Services

Our pre-construction work resolves key project elements before a shovel ever gets put in the ground

Planning and Feasibility Phase Services

  • Complete site feasibility due diligence
  • Strategic IT systems survey, audit & solving
  • Ideal building typology analysis
  • Power, cooling & security audit & analysis
  • Migration & relocation planning
  • DR & business resilience planning & implementation
  • Network, fiber & connectivity solving

Holistic approach

Optimal site selection demands precise and thorough analysis of all factors that determine a location’s viability. We understand mission-critical issues like access to fiber, electrical power requirements, structural load capacities, clearances, generator and fueling set-ups, specialized cooling systems and a myriad of other salient elements. Our ability to apply this specialized knowledge paves the way for the most cost effective and rapid facilities deployment process.

Ala Carte Services

Our extensive experience owning and operating our own data centers cuts through the mystery of the how’s, when’s and where’s of migrating IT platforms and data center operations. iM assists to whatever level the Client wants, including strategic IT platform planning, migration and relocation logistics, optimum site selection and any other aspect at the intersection of information systems and physical IT infrastructure.

We understand the issues:

  • Access to fiber
  • Jurisdictional approvals
  • Electrical power requirements
  • Structural loading & clearances
  • Generator and fueling set-ups
  • Specialized cooling
  • A myriad of other mission-critical elements

Our ability to apply this specialized knowledge paves the way for cost effective and rapid facility deployment. We are a great partner to have.