iM factory-builds standalone enterprise-class data centers

For sale or lease or as fully-managed platforms

iM manufactures groundbreaking data centers:

  • Standalone
  • Fully-integrated
  • User-friendly
  • Better-looking
  • Intuitive
  • Seamlessly expandable
  • Superior functional intelligence
  • Tailored per requirement
  • Cost-effective

We are transforming IT infrastructure to support the growth of big data with more flexible and sustainable enterprise-class data centers that include HPC (High Performance Compute) options.

We sell or lease our facilities, and also bundle our data centers with network and services as end-to-end, subscription-based IT solutions.

iM also provides all related site development and improvements on an a la carte basis, on demand, wherever, whenever required and on an extremely cost-effective basis.

Modular Data Center Solutions:

Enterprise | multi-module, expandable assemblies for power densities to 15kW/racks for rapid deployment of fully-integrated, enterprise-class data centers

High Performance Compute | expandable multi-module facilities for HPC & Super Computing environments support from 15KW to 75KW/rack IT loads, & up to 150kW/rack using direct liquid cooling methods

Edge | compact, fully-integrated single-module data centers for rack power densities to 12kW/rack

Custom | Modular subsea landing stations & connectivity hubs tailored per requirement

Experience-Driven Innovation

More Cost-efficient

  • Less than brick & mortar costs
  • Depreciable over short term
  • Retain asset value / can be relocated
  • Precise engineering & materials inventory control
  • Add capacity only as needed with expandable designs
  • Expand with pre-engineered blocks at predictable pricing


  • Intelligent pre-engineering
  • Fewer breakable components
  • Single source & fewer variables
  • Integrated monitoring & remote controllability
  • User-friendly configurations maximize efficiencies
  • Built within highly-controlled environment


  • Manufacture concurrently with site improvement work
  • Pre-engineering eliminates most design processes
  • Controlled assembly environment, no weather delays
  • Multi-shift factory-based work process capability
  • Minimal dependence on local construction conditions
  • Fully-assembled modules, minimal onsite work


  • Predictable quality control
  • Factory commissioning & testing
  • Less waste through better controls
  • Integration of energy efficient technologies
  • Optimized design via holistic integration
  • Specialized manufacturing staff training

Shaping the Future of Data Centers… for Plug & Play Ecosystems… to Scale on Demand

Cost Control

The key to creating the most intelligent, cost-effective data enters to the standard of exactly what is needed…making every dollar count while maximizing functionality and minimizing downstream operating expense.


Data Center Specialists

iM creates high-tier modular data center facilities anywhere … fully-provisioned, clean power, precise cooling, and total security. We’ve created hundreds of mission-critical facilities and operated large colocation data centers for twenty-five years, allowing us to confidently deliver a focused spectrum of IT infrastructure offerings tailored precisely to need. Under one roof, iM provides an end-to-end solution to create data centers on a flexible basis with our ground-breaking factory-built modular options.


A Single-Source Development Partner

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Install
  • Operate

Dedicated to Quality

Quality is the result of careful planning, organization, creativity, intelligence and single-minded dedication to excellence. Quality is synonymous with attention to detail. It is reflected in all aspects of the process as well as in the finished product. Quality means doing things impeccably the first time. We take pride in our work. Our reputation is built on it.