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iM creates groundbreaking standalone modular data centers, customized to exact requirements, and provides all related site development and improvements on demand, wherever, whenever required and on an extremely cost-effective basis.

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Anyone can build to failsafe standards with enough money! The key to intelligent development is to build to a standard providing exactly what is needed: making every construction dollar count while maximizing functionality and minimizing downstream operating expense.

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what we make:

  • EDGEBLOX | expandable multi-block facilities based on 25-rack ‘Data Blocks’ supported by Core, Utility & Office Blocks for power densities from 8 to 15kW/rack
  • HPCBLOX | expandable multi-block facilities based on 20-rack ‘Data Blocks’ supported by Core, Utility & Office Blocks for High Performance Computing power densities from 15KW to 75KW/rack, and up to 150kW/rack with direct liquid cooling methodologies
  • HYPERBLOX | complex, sprawling modular assemblies based on 25-rack ‘Data Blocks’ supported by Core, Utility & Office Blocks for power densities from 8 to 15kW/rack to address rapid deployment of hyperscale data centers
  • MONOBLOX | compact self-contained data centers with 5 to 20 racks within single modules for power densities to 12KW / rack
  • LANDINGBLOX | expandable subsea landing stations and specialty telco facilities tailored per requirement
  • CUSTOMBLOX | technical modular facilities tailored per requirement

data center specialists

iM creates high-tier modular data center facilities anywhere … fully-provisioned, clean power, precise cooling, and total security. We’ve created hundreds of mission-critical facilities and operated large colocation data centers for over twenty years, allowing us to confidently deliver a focused spectrum of IT infrastructure offerings tailored precisely to our Clients’ needs. Under one roof, iM provides an end-to-end solution to create data centers on a flexible basis, offering our ground-breaking factory-built modular options.

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Quality is the result of careful planning, organization, creativity, intelligence and single-minded dedication to excellence. Quality is synonymous with attention to detail. It is reflected in all aspects of the process as well as in the finished product. Quality means doing things impeccably the first time. We take pride in our work. Our reputation is built on it.

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