Shaping the Future of Data Centers

We factory-build enterprise-class, standalone data centers to scale on demand… for sale or lease or as-a-service

iM Data Centers is your trusted provider for high-performance data center solutions in Miami. We offer flexible colocation options and state-of-the-art modular data centers designed to meet your specific needs.

Enlightened Modularity

Rapid Deployment
Facility creation in less than half the time
Lower Upfront & TCO
Price points below bricks & mortar
Concurrent Expandability
Add capacity with zero downtime
High Performance Computing
15 to 150 kW/rack options
Scalable Buildings
Pay-as-you-grow options
Modular Site Development
Ala carte site improvement services
Precision Facility Tailoring
Senior-level engagement
Streamlined Deployment
Concurrent processes
Colocation Anywhere
Scale on demand

Optimal Modular Solutions


Expandable, fully-integrated, enterprise-class data centers from twenty-five to hundreds of IT racks

High Performance Compute

Scalable high-performance computing platforms to 150kW per rack for super computing & high-power density requirement


Compact self-contained, single-module data centers for smaller Edge deployments


Standalone, modular mission-critical telecom facilities to house interconnection operations, subsea landing stations & carrier switch nodes


Lower Costs | Cutting Edge Reliability | Compliant Security | Scalable Expandability

What We Do

iM Data Centers manufactures unique, factory-built, expandable modular data centers, based on its proprietary designs… faster, superior to and less expensive than traditional bricks-and-mortar facilities.

The Way It Should Be

iM’s disruptive technology for data center design and creation is the leading edge of a new wave of innovation, enabled by iM’s hard-won insight gained as pioneers in designing, engineering, building, owning and operating data centers for twenty-five years.