Unique Modular Options

iM’s groundbreaking factory-built data centers provide viable alternatives to brick-and-mortar and other modular solutions

Unsolved Data Center Marketplace Needs:

  • Seamless scalability, expanding footprint and power capacity with zero impact on existing data center operations
  • Contiguous, user–friendly space utilizing an unlimited number of interconnected modules
  • Price-points less than bricks and mortar facilities, based on both a price per KW and a price per rack basis
  • Need for speed, the ability deploy high-tier facilities in a matter of a few months, opposed to a year or more
  • Flexible power and cooling configurations, customizable to specific customer requirements
  • Ability to avoid overbuilding and hibernating capital by creating oversized traditional facilities with space that may not be utilized soon or ever
  • Equipment / DCIM agnosticism, and not losing flexibility and control by being held hostage by specific gear manufacturers and monitoring systems
  • Quality control, not having to depend on local trades and inconsistent materials providers
  • Pre-engineering, not having to develop unique engineering by location to address specific site requirements and configurations

iM’s Answer

  • Unlimited data center footprints as well as multi-floor configurations, both which produce contiguous space plans for maximized operational efficiencies
  • Expandable facilities, designed to add modules as needed with zero operational downtime, featuring our patent pending removable panel system & unique architecture
  • Common sense engineering & designs resulting in lower price points than traditional solutions
  • Nimble response times & manufacturing, site improvements concurrent with manufacturing for fast deployments
  • Turnkey site improvement services allow iM to be a one-stop solution for data center creation
  • Proprietary cooling technology delivers superior airflow dynamics & power efficiencies, eliminating ‘wet pipes’ within data center areas & enabling other significant benefits
  • Fully-engineered solutions for all power density applications
  • ‘Equipment agnostic approach, matching best-of-breed manufacturers to each requirement (without gear manufacturers’ ‘tails wagging the dogs’)
  • High level of customization with tailored support / administrative modules, electrical, cooling, infrastructure management (DCIM) & other systems
  • Roof-mounted cooling equipment, resulting in more compact, space saving footprints
  • User-friendly, with high-design look, feel & functionality
  • Fully-baked production models, manufactured in a controlled environment & factory-commissioned

Be Our Partner

iM is a partner for those that would like to avoid the difficulties associated with creating a data center, with the myriad associated complications related to jurisdictional approvals, engineering coordination and construction.

Our background creating and operating data centers for over past twenty years paved the way for a complete understanding of every step involved in this process, and exactly what works to maximize uptime, and reduce operational costs.