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FASTER: no weather delays | multi-shift factory-based work process | concurrent site improvements with manufacturing process | design processes shortened or eliminated by pre-engineering

BETTER: factory-based quality control & commissioning | specialized training of manufacturing staff for predictable results

SMARTER: intelligent design & engineering with less breakable components | extensive, integrated remote monitoring & controllability | tight configurations to maximize efficiencies

SAFER: built in a controlled environment by a single source with less variables

MORE COST EFFECTIVE: less than bricks & mortar costs | not dependent on local trades & construction markets | precise engineering & materials inventory | add capacity only as needed with expandable designs, in lieu of hibernating capital by over-building up front | expand based on pre-engineered components & predictable pricing

less waste by
& factory

  • reduces materials waste by more than 15%, through pre-engineering, inventory systems & other controls
  • allows the consistent use of green materials & technologies
  • produces compact built spaces & thoughtful engineering to support better operating efficiencies & lower power consumption
  • with over 90% of construction off-site, related travel & neighborhood impacts are greatly reduced
  • safer working conditions in a controlled working environment lowers medical costs & downtime
  • allows greater productivity & eliminates weather impacts to construction processes

Construction technology is moving toward modularity and pre-fabrication, and data centers are particularly well-suited to pre-engineering and factory-assembly.

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