compact, single-module data centers

iM’s modular solution for compact self-contained data centers containing five to twenty server racks within a single block is named ‘MONOBLOX’.

a new edge option

for enterprise-class data centers

Away from major metropolitan areas, there are very limited high-quality data center outsourcing options available. Regional governments, hospital districts, enterprises, SME’s and many other types of organizations need hardened, well-connected primary data centers, and are not inclined nor able to depend wholly on the Cloud. EDGE storage, content caching and ISP requirements need small data centers at multiple locations beyond the secondary and tertiary markets for faster local access, better service, lower transport costs, reduced origin server loads and network decongestion. Small data centers can also serve as perfect sanctuaries for disaster recovery and business resiliency operations.

unique modular approach

very fast turnaround

iM tailors solutions for small modular data centers are configured as self-contained, single pods containing as few as five server racks.    iM’s factory-built, standalone modular server data centers accommodate N+1 and 2N typologies, installed on demand, wherever and whenever required.   These standalone structures are Category 5 hurricane-proof, and tailored for all climates and conditions.

iM’s MONOBLOX are:

  • configured as pods that contain from five to twenty server cabinets
  • standardized IT power densities up to 15KW per rack, Tier 2 & 3 options
  • complete cold-aisle & hot-aisle containment
  • multiple power options at N+1 and 2N
  • lowest PUE’s
  • Manufactured in the US, commissioned at the factory
  • shipped as fully-assembled pods w/ minimal site construction


✘ ISO containers (that try to fit a round peg into a square hole)
✘ interior pods (that require a building in place to be able to accommodate them)
✘ a packaged building kit requiring extensive field fabrication (that calls itself modular with some pre-fabricated components)

content caching, IoT & distributed compute

Today millions of devices, sensors, systems and applications create a constant flow of data connected by the internet.   Mobile devices are ubiquitous, Cloud is replacing the traditional data center and the Internet of Things (IoT) is coming of age as big data explodes.   There is a massive shift in technology, and the need for an accelerated platform that can scale to store and analyze massive amounts of data with increasing sophistication must be more accessible to the masses, and not just harbored at massive data centers in major metropolitan areas.   Instant access and immediate response are becoming essential.   iM’s small data centers distributed beyond the metro markets provides CDNs, ISPs and other users with an ideal platform for faster local access……better service, lower transport costs, reduced origin server loads and network decongestion.

iM has found a way to create small, cost-effective data centers within a factory, utilizing the best in traditional data center equipment and engineering, delivering complete solutions in a fraction of the time needed for traditional applications.

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