a modular solution to hyperscale data centers

unique modular approach


HYPERBLOX is iM’s modular solution for complex, sprawling modular assemblies for up to hundreds of racks and hyperscale footprints. iM’s groundbreaking factory-built modular data centers provide a faster and more cost-effective option to consider and compare to traditional bricks-and-mortar builds.


  • pure modular multi-module assemblies that assemble up to 100’s racks
  • super-fast delivery, simplified site work development concurrent w/ manufacturing
  • pre-engineering eliminates 90% of design & engineering processes
  • IT power load densities to 20KW per rack
  • high-tier standards, manufactured in the US, factory-commissioned
  • turnkey, end-to-end delivery of fully-integrated & self-contained data centers
  • factory-built quality control impossible to replicate at jobsites
  • PUE-driven, sustainable engineering for super energy-efficient design
  • green benefits & reduced waste w/modular methodologies
  • post-commissioning support, with guaranteed response times
  • ongoing maintenance from globally significant critical equipment manufacturers
  • lower TCO, reduced power consumption & break/fix expense
  • flexible systems, utilizing server & transport agnostic technology


✘  ISO containers (that try to fit a round peg into a square hole)
✘  interior pods (that require a building in place to be able to accommodate them)
✘  a packaged building kit requiring extensive field fabrication (that calls itself modular with some pre-fabricated components)


iM has found a way to create data centers in meaningful building blocks within a factory, utilizing the best in traditional data center equipment and engineering, delivering complete solutions in a fraction of the time needed for traditional applications.

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