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IM’s Agent Programs offer excellent opportunities to work with us to earn referral and sales commissions, while offering referred Clients a total solution, and insuring that privileged relationships are protected.

Our Referral Program is set up to benefit both those professionals that do not want to be fully involved in a sales process as well as those who prefer increased involvement and ongoing channel relationships.

If you are interested in learning more about our Agent opportunities, please contact us at


iM welcomes collaboration and partnerships with design professionals, engineering contractors, integrators and others to augment their data center projects. As a privately-held and uber-responsive team, iM will find creative ways to work together toward the benefit of the end customer.


iM supports partnerships with technology providers looking for data center platforms to extend their offerings. iM’s data centers are server-agnostic and technology-flexible, after consideration of the essential mission-critical elements necessary for high-tier environments.

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